Amazon Kinesis Video Streams

Abdullah Ayad
1 min readNov 7, 2023

What is it?

It is a fully managed serverless service which can be used to stream live video from devices to the AWS cloud or build applications for real time video processing or even it could be used for batch oriented video analytics.


  • smartphones
  • security cameras
  • AWS DeepLens (a service from AWS)
  • RADAR Data
  • RTSP Camera
  • WebCams

Note: You cannot have multiple producers publishing the data into the same kinesis video stream, you only has one producer publishing the data into it.
You need to have a single kinesis video stream for each producer.


  • Amazon Rekognition Video
  • Amazon Sagemaker


  • You could use the kinesis video streams producer library in order to configure your devices and stream in real time.
  • The ability to store the media data for the specified retention period.
  • The ability to encrypt the data at rest.


So for the server side encryption for this service, if the data retention is enabled, your data is automatically encrypted as it enters and leaves the kinesis video streams.

Data is encrypted before it’s written to the kinesis video streams storage layer and data is decrypted after it’s retrieved from the storage.




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